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A team of experts in the field of fleet services, leasing industry, business and software development

Meet MobilityONE team

We are witnessing drastic changes that will affect the future of mobility. Many OEMs and service providers are working on new vehicle and mobility concepts and related transport issues.

The new challenges of mobility in this decade will require appropriate digital solutions.

We have been successfully dealing with the problem of fleet management and fleet service for more than 15 years. Leading our own successful fleet servicing company, we encountered a number of problems of our clients, global companies that we solved in practice.

R&D startup Make IT Easy Ltd. was founded in May 2019 as a spin-off from Car Fleet Management Ltd., a professional fleet service and management company.

Our experts

Make IT Easy brought together a team from the automotive, leasing industry, through sales development and GTM strategy to the development of SaaS products with the support of the scientific community

We  work together on the new software solutions in the fields of fleet services and mobility of the future.


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