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The Future of Fleet Services. Now.

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Make IT Easy, a technology startup in the field of mobility, fleet management and mobile assets, brings together competent professionals from automotive, management, finance, consulting and IT with the same vision and passion to turn ideas into action. Make IT Easy follows the most important trends in the automotive industry and offers intelligent solutions with a special focus on operational excellence, sustainability, responsible management of resources and optimization of business costs.

mobilityONE is a new SaaS cloud platform for managing all aspects and activities of vehicle fleets by leveraging the best knowledge in management, with the application of modern technologies and best business practices. mobilityONE provides complete indicator-driven control in all management processes, enabling better collaboration, quick access to real-time data and timely execution of tasks.

mobilityONE is intended for use by professionals in fleets of all types of companies, but also for other business functions related to the use of vehicles, such as management, accounting and finance, HR, logistics, procurement, up to the administrative functions of the company. mobilityONE allows connection with vehicle monitoring systems, as well as simple and fast integration with various business solutions of users.

mobilityONE strives to become the leading applied solution for enterprise mobility, supporting new concepts and positively contributing to sustainable and responsible behavior by directly impacting the reduction of the carbon footprint caused by vehicle use.